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2012-07-24 22:55:14 by FelixColgrave

Ohhh shit, that's out now? Ok. Better make this newspost I am making.
I am hungover and this computer is difficult to look at.
Mother and Father dearest, I am sorry.



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2012-07-24 23:38:28

You're a master of improv.

FelixColgrave responds:

My approach to improv is to get bored and start making something else.


2012-07-25 01:15:46

Your submission made my pants feel funny.

FelixColgrave responds:



2012-07-25 17:25:26


FelixColgrave responds:

If I wrote down every title ever, in order of how much they apply to me, 'genius' would be third-last on the list, just above 'action hero' and 'reliable employee'.


2012-07-25 18:27:19

totally hot

FelixColgrave responds:



2012-07-25 18:44:58

are u very stupid, i go to send a virus for you skype!

FelixColgrave responds:



2012-07-26 03:34:44

I get on my knees and pray to you, with my mouth.
"lolz jay kay"

FelixColgrave responds:

it's the only type of praying I know


2012-07-26 05:26:20

Well, for some reason your part did not seem like somthing you would animate, it was out of the usual even for you, it was strange beyond your other animatics, good job.

FelixColgrave responds:

Well, I guess animating Wario was new to me, and it was a lot pinker than my other animations, but this is probably the third time now I've animated dicks penetrating dicks. And I'm serious about that. Once it was even a paid job. It's just a motif I really enjoy.


2012-07-26 08:25:31

Your part was truly disturbing, so... well done I guess. Thanks for the wanks!

FelixColgrave responds:

Your wanks are worth more to me than all the riches in the land.


2012-07-26 14:05:54

Lol I actually meant the part but that's a good way to look at it too.

FelixColgrave responds:

Well if there's anything that should confirm I'm NOT a genius, it's an animation of Mario's penis exploding.


2012-07-27 16:15:31

That part was hot, I would someday like to do that with my girlfriend.

FelixColgrave responds:

"I just want a nice young girl to put her dick up my dick"
-Mandog, 2012


2012-08-01 19:25:11

ONE simple question.
Did you actually BUY flash?

FelixColgrave responds:

You must be confused. All my cartoons are made in Windows Movie Maker.


2012-08-02 13:33:58

Lol no that's not what I meant, Since you're only 19 and living alone I asked myself if you actually bought flash or pirated. So I wanted to ask you.

FelixColgrave responds:

Bought. It's not like I do anything EXCEPT make cartoons so I might as well. Plus pirating involves understanding computer machines and all that fuck.


2012-08-03 23:15:26

start in 3:45

FelixColgrave responds:

Holy shit. ALL Japanese shows should be made with puppets like these.


2012-08-04 02:16:14

Haha, lol... Why... Golfinho and... You... Sorry, As ya know, my brain doesn´t understand anything since I got mauled by that pig at the zoo... But I think, that I need to say, that I love Ya :D

(Updated ) FelixColgrave responds:

You were mauled by a pig at a zoo? Are we talking as in a warthog or something, or was this like a petting zoo? Cuz that's a pretty undignified way to get mauled.


2012-08-10 14:46:09

Bro, I will seriously have an orgasm in my pants if you respond to this very comment.. right here, right now...
Describing on how much of a sick, twisted motherfucking creative FUCKED UP genius you are. Looking at your style and animation, you make me speechless and.. fap fap fap.
I would forever be happy to be your servant forevas with the meaningful physical viewage of disgustingly old obese plumbers docking eachother, I have fallen in love with that particular flash, and you, sir, are my eternal God. I shall bow forth for you and stalk you on your journey!

FelixColgrave responds:

all I did was make a cartoon about dicks why do people say these words at me help aaaaaaaa


2012-08-11 06:14:50

I'm old. When we finally got cable TV, I thought that the sky was the limit and work like yours would exist there. But it ain't and it's not and that sucks. Where do you see yourself after animation school?
Would you work for a political or a non-profit organization? You got the balls to work for an ad agency (they make the wackos here look tame)?

(Updated ) FelixColgrave responds:

Neither of those options seem very appealing to me. Animations for political and non-profit organisations would mostly involve telling people what to think based on what the group thinks is right, and advertising involves telling people what to think based on what the client wants. Even if it was a group that I agreed with or an ad agency that for some reason was only approached by companies selling things I love, I have no desire to sway people's opinions on things as a long-term career path.

Not only do I not want to make people agree with whatever backward things I believe in, I also don't enjoy it from the perspective of making things. My films are about concepts I think are interesting and have no real 'opinion' on one way or the other, and most of the time they're purely theoretical concepts and have nothing to do with the real world whatsoever. It's a thing I have to put up with that people assume Pigpen is me attacking capitalism or something. I don't care about capitalism in the slightest, and if I actually did hate it then I would not make a cartoon about it. Art is escapism for me and I make it so I don't have to think about things that upset me.

So yeah, whatever I do, I don't think I'd get much out of being an advocate for something. I'll ultimately just wanna make my ideas, and whether that involves the internet, a network or government funding, I don't really mind. Each of those are more suited to different things, and throughout my life I'll probably wanna do a bit of each. I'd like to look back and be like 'yep, there's that series I made, there's those movies I made', etc. As long as I can make all those things and don't starve to death then I'm content.